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Welcome to the website of the Process Intensification and Sustainability Research Group (PrinSus) headed by Professor Neil R. Foster within the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW Australia for the last 15 years. Our research focus has been moving forward from supercritical fluids fundamental studies to process intensification and sustainability (PI & S). Our work in process intensification includes solubility studies, particle micronisation, drug encapsulation, and extraction. Our research focus has diversified based on the principle of PI & S, which includes a more efficient use of resources, increasing both product output and quality and embracing the tenets of process sustainability. The concept of PI & S plays an important role in conserving resources, protecting the environment and improving quality of life. The PrinSus at UNSW Australia has world class research infrastructure, both in human resources and laboratory facilities.

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Welcome to PrinSus

The Supercritical Fluids Research Group at UNSW was founded in 1986 with the appointment of Professor Neil R. Foster to the Faculty of Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering. .. Read the message from the Director
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